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Andera Equipment

Field Notebook

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At ANDERA Equipment® we are very proud to have created the perfect geological field notebook for working under the most adverse weather conditions. No trees, water, or chlorine were used in the manufacture of the sheets, but rather a sustainable and, most importantly for geologists, waterproof material.

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Our designers have worked meticulously to create an exclusive and necessary product in the geologist’s work. A field companion that will be with you even in the rain or strong winds. The ANDERA Equipment® notebook aims to be one of the main products that defend the philosophy of this brand: creating high-quality products in the most sustainable way possible.

  • Finish personalized by geologists: A turquoise color will allow us to quickly locate our notebook on the outcrop.
  • High quality cover: Hard and waterproof.
  • Strategic rubber: Allows you to hold the pages in situations of strong winds.
  • Mixed binding: The sheets are sewn and glued to increase their durability.
  • Waterproof and sustainable Papel Piedra® sheets: Formed by calcium carbonate and non-toxic resins to create a material similar to conventional paper. No trees, water, or chlorine are used.


  • International Chronostratigraphic Table
  • Card with scale for photographing samples, area percentage, grain classification and grain size.


What is Stone Paper®?

This type of paper was first manufactured in Taiwan in the late 1990s. In some countries, such as the United States or Australia, items are already being manufactured with this material to stop massive deforestation, prevent the uncontrollable use of water and help fight climate change.


If all the paper in the world were of this type, it would save the felling of more than 3 billion trees and the CO2 equivalent of 55 million cars.


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A5 (148 x 210 mm).

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1 Cuaderno geológico de campo;1 Tabla cronoestratigráfica; 1 Tabla granulométrica.