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Double Lens Magnifying Glass

15,99 IVA incluido

High graduation magnifying glass composed of two differentiated lenses. The larger diameter lens is characterized by being more versatile and is often used to observe more general details. The second lens has a smaller diameter to avoid distortions and allows a more concise and detailed view of the object under study. Both lenses are protected in an elegant chrome stainless steel structure.

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A magnifying glass is a powerful tool that allows us to see worlds that we would not be able to see with the naked eye. We are facing a small but powerful tool that will allow us to differentiate some important aspects of the sample that we want to study. In short, a magnifying glass is a fundamental and necessary piece of equipment for a geologist.

  • Designed for professionals: Main lens: 10X- 18 mm; Supplementary lens: 20X- 12 mm.
  • Precision instrument: Lenses made of superior quality glass that does not produce reflections or vision distortions
  • Durable, small and lightweight:  Made of chrome-plated stainless steel. Comes in a handy case to keep the magnifying glass safe and dust-free.
  • Easy to carry: A ribbon with its own design will allow us to carry the magnifying glass with us and not lose it during field trips.

40 gramos


53 x 22 x 18 mm


1 Lupa con doble lente; 1 Caja; 1 Cinta con diseño propio.