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Andera Equipment

Geological Hammer

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Our master blacksmiths shape each piece with dedication and maintaining the perfect balance of the steel. Look no further, the king of hammers has arrived at ANDERA Equipment®, and it is here to stay.

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Mjolnir was Thor’s enchanted war hammer. It was forged with Uru in the heart of a dying star on Nidavellir, and according to Odin himself, it served as a tool to help Thor himself master his thunder powers. At the moment, we have not been able to replicate this mythical hammer, but we have found the best blacksmiths capable of working steel and giving life to our powerful hammers. An essential tool if you intend to take samples at an outcrop. Of course… don’t try to choose your hammer, because the hammer is the one who chooses the geologist.

  • Handmade: Our blacksmiths shape each piece with dedication and maintaining a perfect balance of the steel.
  • Forged in one piece: A tool that offers the ultimate in comfort to carry out the work of the geologist.
  • Double Sided: Flat and Pointed – Use the pick to open rocks and the flat area to drive chisels.
  • Coated handle: The handle area has been coated with nylon, adjusting to the hammer.
  • Non-slip handle: The design created includes small gaps to prevent the hammer from slipping.
  • Shock Reduction Ready Grip: Comfortable, durable and reduces impact vibration by 70%.

965 grams.


340 x 180 x 20 mm


1 Geological hammer.