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Andera Equipment


A global concept based on our origins

Andera is the Celtiberian goddess in charge of protecting the Earth. She is a female deity from our country who, at the same time, encompasses every corner of nature that we can find on our beloved planet.

The ideal representative of our image

We were clear that we wanted a small, dynamic and fun representative. A being capable of giving freshness and fun to our environment.

We can’t think of anyone better than those little guardians of the forests. An animal that is difficult to see, but that when you find it forces a smile on your face: the squirrel.


A house for geologists

Today, we have become much more than a geological equipment brand. We have evolved into a beacon of knowledge and community for geologists around the world.

International presence

We collaborate on various national and international expeditions, where our instruments become essential allies for professionals who explore the most remote and enigmatic corners of our planet.

Passion for Geology

At ANDERA Equipment®, geologists find more than just tools; They find a home where a passion for geology is fueled by cutting-edge resources and meaningful connections.


Solid philosophy based on our values

Our main objective is to create an entity that grows with conscience, achieving success with ethics and based on the well-being of our community.

Our promise

Having as its main objective the enrichment and unification of the Geology sector, as well as making this incredible science known to the rest of society.


And you...

Are you up for this adventure?