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Andera Equipment

Metal Compass

64,99 IVA incluido

A multifunctional geological compass with a superior quality finish that has been designed for the specific tasks required by geologists. It is made from a powerful zinc alloy to guarantee the necessary levels of resistance and durability.

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Various types of compasses can be found in different markets, but most of them are made of hard plastic or other low-quality materials. At ANDERA Equipment® we were clear that our compass would have to be of a quality that is on par with the rest of the items we offer. A compass that is worthy of carrying the squirrel logo.

  • Multifunctional: with this equipment we can measure the strike and dip of strata, faults and joints, and the inclination of geological structures.
  • Durable: Unlike most compasses that we can find on the market, our compasses ARE NOT MADE OF PLASTIC. We prefer to choose to create high-quality, durable products to provide the best possible tools to our customers. Our compasses are made of zinc alloys, being resistant to shocks and the different weather conditions that we can find outdoors.
  • High precision: The needle points to magnetic north with an error of ±0.5 degrees.
  • Adjustable magnetic declination: Magnetic declination can be manually corrected to improve accuracy using a regulator.
  • Easy orientation: The design of the compass with short aligner, long aligner and observation area with a line allows for high observation precision when carrying out a geographical survey.

Reminder: To ensure the compass works properly, please place the compasses in a horizontal state, make the pointer can be free to rotate. Please keep it away from other magnetic objects that may alter its function, such as: magnets, iron objects, metal objects, household appliances, mobile phones, watches, stereos, headphones, tapes, sound box, speakers, audio system, etc


315 gramos


82 x 70 x 35 mm


1 Brújula; 1 Funda negra; 1 Paño microfibra; 1 Manual de instrucciones (inglés).